OUTDOOR (safe) FitCon Sumo Cup!!!

OUTDOOR (safe) FitCon Sumo Cup!!!  40 days away.  Make plans now!

Stay at the Hyatt, downtown SLC!  This is an INCREDIBLE deal.  $89 for double-occupancy.  This is strictly for sumo.  YOU HAVE TILL JULY 31 to BOOK IT, at this link.  Also, PLEASE NOTE: this event is NOT the official location of the World Sumo Championships, which is organized by the IFS.  Apologies for the confusion.

Cornelius Booker has locked in his flight.  With Roy Sims, Trent Sabo, Justin Kizzart, and Kelly Gneiting that’s AT LEAST 5 National Champions with transportation locked in for the competition!  Will you make it???

All the info on FitCon’s new location is at FitCon.com.  The location is 30 miles South of the Salt Lake City International Airport, in Lehi, Utah.  If you are staying in downtown Salt Lake City area (like I am), I would suggest you text me if you need a ride; I and Trent Sabo will coordinate rides for people who need them.  For those who can rent a car, please let me know.  My phone number is 505-567-1776.  Text anytime.

Everyone gets a medal (see medal image below)!  Even if you fall short, call it a participation medal.  If you show up and pay the $20 registration fee, you automatically get a $13 medal (pending our large supply), although it may have “2019” on it.  Winners will, of course, be proudly recognized on our website.

Registration: Although there’s same-day registration (we kick-off at 6:00 p.m. Friday night).  PLEASE register online if you think you are coming.  Link is here.

Flights are cheap since airports are ghost-towns.  Round-trip from LAX is $96, from Atlanta, about $245, and about the same from NYC.

Same Day Registration.  No tournament program means that athletes can register as late as 4 p.m. on Friday, August 21st.  $20 registration fee & $10 for new athletes ($20 U.S. membership fee is encouraged for new U.S. athletes).  We will follow the tournament schedule.

International Competitors, if you need a letter to apply for a VISA to enter the U.S., let me know by replying to this email.  It’s anticipated that athletes will compete at FitCon 2020 from many countries.


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